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Do you need an air conditioning company in Ojai, CA that is affordable and trustworthy? Stop looking any further! West Coast Air Conditioning is the HVAC company you want to have on speed dial for all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. We know how to make your indoor air quality great again at home or work! Our licensed Ojai HVAC repair technicians are NATE-certified and among the best in Ventura County.

balance hot and cold temps

Do you wonder why some rooms are not cool enough while others are too warm in your house or property building? Don’t fret it and call West Coast Air Conditioning. We’ll diagnose and balance your duct air flow system to eliminate hot or cold spots.

Why Choose Us as Your Ojai HVAC Company?

Teeth chattering because your house is freezing in the winter? Are you always sweating indoors during the summer? You need to get these air conditioning and heating problems fixed to feel comfortable again at home or work! Call West Coast Air Conditioning for quick, dependable service you deserve.

Our Ojai HVAC company has been serving Ventura County since 1984. If you are new to Ojai, we are pretty certain that our name will be mentioned when you ask neighbors or local business owners who they recommend for residential or commercial HVAC services! We attribute our word of mouth referrals to our commitment to build long term customer relationships. Our company’s 30 plus year record is excellent in the Ojai community because all our HVAC repair specialists practice our mission statement to provide quality heating and air conditioning systems which are vital to better health, greater comfort and productivity of your occupants, coupled with responsible energy source consumption from the environment in which we live.

Call us at (805) 485-1410 so we can help you feel cool or warm again — guaranteed!

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