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Combating Cooking Heat

Picture of Family Cooking

Whether you are a holiday baker or the family cook, the holidays is your busiest time of the year. From Friendsgiving to your annual Christmas bake-off, you are picking up the pace in your kitchen. I mean, this year you are definitely going to win the Latke competition—your grandma’s recipe is the best after all—but you still need to be on your A-game. However, even though you are bringing the heat with your numerous batches of pies and latkes, your home is in danger from the same thing—heat poses implications to your interior and indoor air quality.

The heat from cooking can jeopardize your home. All of the steam and extra heat coming from your stove and ovens is causing temperatures to rise and moisture to skyrocket within your space. This is a dangerous combination for two reasons:

Mold Growth

Where heat and moisture meet, mold can foster and grow. Make sure you use your kitchen ventilation to whisk away the humidity that increases while you cook. This will prevent steam from accumulating and interfering with the state of your indoor air quality. When mold grows in your home, spores can become airborne and lead to respiratory infections. Not to mention, if one of your family members has asthma, their symptoms will be exacerbated. Guard your home against mold by using your vent hood and opening windows while you cook!

Structural Damage

Damp climates can cause wood to deteriorate and warp. This poses a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. Make sure you have adequate ventilation throughout your space to ensure you are not allowing steam to become trapped and compromise your home. Additionally, lowering your thermostat while you cook will better balance your indoor temperature, as this activity naturally increases your climate.

For your HVAC needs this holiday season, contact West Coast Air Conditioning at (805) 954-9195! We are here to help you achieve your cooking goals without compromising your home.