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Preparing Your Home for Allergy Season

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Prepare Your Home for Allergy Season

Allergies are present all year, and if you suffer from any allergies, you’ll know when your triggers are around. But spring is a common time for allergies to ramp up in many people. This is mainly due to the existence of pollen in the air, so much pollen that it causes problems in people who may not experience allergies to anything else or at any other time of the year.

Although pollen usually affects you when you’re outside, indoor allergies are also a concern, as dust, dander, ragweed, and mold continue to be a threat in the spring. Here are some tips to keep your home’s air as allergen-free as possible.

Utilize an Air Purification System

Air purifiers continue to become more popular due to their ability to clean the air around you. This could be beneficial for those sensitive to seasonal allergies, as the filters within air purifiers can help trap pollutants such as pollen and mold before they reach your nose.

Keep Windows Closed

While ventilation is usually a good idea, you’ll want to rely on your in-home air during times of high pollen and outdoor pollution. This is another reason why an air purifier will be a welcome tool since you won’t have the normal exchange of outdoor air.

While pollen runs rampant, open windows are an easy way for it to be blown into your home. You may notice over the course of a day that pollen has collected on window sills and even on some furniture. Keep the windows closed to keep pollen out.

Change Your Filters

While we always encourage you to change your HVAC air filters frequently, it becomes even more important during allergy season. More pollutants in the air mean a greater risk of your HVAC system becoming dirty and filters clogged. Changing the filters ensures your system will continue to run efficiently.

We Care About Your Air

The West Coast Air Conditioning team is dedicated to ensuring your home’s air quality is the best it can be. We have a variety of tools that can help, so give us a call today at (805) 954-9195 to learn more.