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Common Threats to Your Air Quality [Infographic]

A person's hand after wiping dust off a wooden table with dust on the index finger

Common Threats To Your Air Quality Infographic

Common Threats to Your Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air can contain two to five times more pollutants than outdoors. Here are the top contaminants found in your indoor air.


Dust can accumulate faster if you don't change your air filters. Make sure to dust often to remove this pollutant from as many places as possible.

Pet Dander

If you have pets, you're more vulnerable to poor air quality due to their hair and dander. This can be reduced by frequently cleaning.


Mold spores are actually airborne pollutants, which can travel through the air and cause allergic reactions for some. Regulating moisture in your home can help reduce mold buildup.


While bacteria can be carried by humans, they can also grow in your natural home environment.


Whether or not you have a pollen allergy, it can still foul up your air quality. Keep windows closed when pollen is high and watch allergy forecasts to stay on top of it.


Radon is a radioactive gas that is both invisible and odorless. According to the EPA, it's the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and can only be found through testing.

Carbon Monoxide

Your gas or oil-burning appliances are all vulnerable to leaks of CO, an odorless gas that can be potentially fatal. Proper maintenance of these appliances and carbon monoxide detectors can help protect you and your home.

Expert Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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