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Holiday Décor & Your HVAC System: Best Practices

Picture of Christmas Decorations

As Christmas nears, we are all getting our last-minute decals and decor up for the festive day! However, did you know that holiday decorations can actually interfere with your heating and cooling efforts? Well, that is if you don’t follow the holiday HVAC hanging best practices. That’s why today, we here at West Coast Air Conditioning are providing you with a holiday guide to hanging your festive flare!

Here’s what you need to remember:

Keep All Décor Away From Your Air Vents

When placing your holiday decorations, make sure you do not cover any of your air vents! This is imperative to remember, as blocking air vents can cause numerous issues with your heating and cooling systems. When an air vent becomes blocked, your air begins to build within your air ducts posing the potential for pressure to build within your ductwork and cause cracks. This will lead to air leaks which further interfere with your heating and cooling success, as your airflow will become weaker and weaker as the crack becomes exacerbated.

Ensuring Your Décor Is Non-Toxic

When you bring manufactured decorations into your home, you should always check for toxicity! This is not only important to protect your indoor air quality but also imperative to prevent particles from settling in your ductwork. If you have decor that has bristles or sparkles, these products oftentimes become airborne and can further compromise your heating or cooling efforts, as they create blockages in your ductwork over time.

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West Coast Air Conditioning at (805) 954-9195! We are continuing to practice CDC recommended protocols to ensure the safety and health of both our technicians and customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out this holiday season! We are here to ensure your home is safe and comfortable for the holidays!