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How to Find the Right HVAC Technician

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How to Find the Right HVAC Technician

It takes a village to take care of a home. You need a team of people, including professionals, to make sure the various elements of a home run smoothly.

So how do you pick those team members? Well, hopefully, you put in careful consideration. This is, after all, one of your most important investments and the place you spend the most time.

One of the crucial professionals that you’ll need to help manage your home is your HVAC technician. An expert in all things heating and cooling, this person will be responsible for helping you save money on your energy costs and keeping your home comfortable all year round. If you’ve ever spent time without an AC in a California summer, you’ll know how important this job is.

We put together some tips on finding the right HVAC technician, someone you can trust to take care of your home in an honest and efficient way.

Make Sure They’re Qualified

When searching for an HVAC company, make sure the company itself and all its technicians are licensed. If they don’t display their license number publicly, ask them for it. It’s important to also ask if they are insured. These are signs of a company that is legitimate and out to work for you without cutting corners.

Do they have certifications from reputable dealers to handle certain types of products? And are they an authorized dealer for any brands? These all show that the company is worth trusting and they take pride in providing top-notch service.

Experience Matters

Find out from the companies you’re considering hiring how much experience their technicians have. While company history is important, it’s more important to get people with experience. Ask the company about their technicians’ skills, training, and education.

Company experience allows you to be confident that newer technicians are being trained by industry veterans and that they have continual learning experiences available.

Do They Have References?

Who else has used this company and what was their experience? That’s a question you should ask when hiring any service but can prove to be helpful when looking for an HVAC technician especially.

Look on review sites like Google and Yelp to get an idea of what the company has done for other customers. Do they have hundreds or reviews or only a few? What are some of the characteristics of a service call as described by others? Do they respond to reviews and try to correct mistakes? These are all factors that should be considered in your decision.

Watch for Hidden Fees

Some HVAC companies are more focused on getting you to pay top-dollar rather than looking out for what is best for your home and your family.

Before selecting a provider, ask how their jobs are priced. Do they charge just to come to your home or do they provide free estimates? Do they offer a price before work begins or is it by the hour? Look for a company that provides honest pricing and tells you exactly what is going on in your home.

When to Find a Technician

Start your technician search as soon as you move into a new home, or discover that you need to make a change from a current provider. It’s always best to have a team at the ready in case your system breaks down and you need an emergency repair. Talk with a few companies and choose the one you feel best suits your needs and will work with you honestly.

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