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Things Your HVAC Tech Wants You to Know

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Knowledge From the Pros

Managing an HVAC system isn’t easy—that’s why we work so hard to help you do it. But there are many things you can do on your own to keep your AC and heating systems running smoothly.

The pros at West Coast Air Conditioning want you to have the knowledge to properly maintain your HVAC system, so we put together a few tips to help.

You Need Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is crucial to maintaining your HVAC system. This is an appointment you set before peak season to have an HVAC professional take a look at your system. In this check-up, the technician will review every aspect of your unit and make sure everything is running smoothly.

They’ll also perform maintenance tasks like changing filters, cleaning condenser coils, inspecting ducts, and clearing drain lines. Without these crucial tasks, your system could lose efficiency and develop problems that would be costly to fix down the road.

Filters Should Be Changed Often

If you do nothing else to maintain your HVAC system, you should change your filters. The air filters, though they may seem like just an added piece, are actually crucial to an efficient system. Filters collect dust and debris and will eventually clog. Once the filter is clogged, it restricts airflow, making your system work harder to push out air and costing you more in energy. Plus, once the filter is clogged, those particles will just find another way through, harming your indoor air quality.

Know Your Warranty Terms

Whether you bought your system yourself or have adopted the one already installed when you moved into your home, you should inform yourself of the warranty terms and conditions. This could save you a lot of money down the road if something goes wrong with your system.

Many AC units with a warranty require that annual maintenance is performed by a licensed HVAC professional. Neglecting this requirement will not only leave your AC more vulnerable to breakdowns, but your warranty will also not be able to cover the cost.

Similarly, in the event of a manufacturer defect, you will want to know all your options to make sure you don’t spend money if you don’t have to.

A Reputation for HVAC Excellence

From repairs to replacements to maintenance, West Coast Air Conditioning has a reputation for excellence in HVAC service in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. Contact us today at (805) 954-9195 to experience our superior service.