Keep Your Home or Business Cool All Summer

There are few things more frustrating than your air conditioning breaking down on a hot summer day! Not having a steady stream of refreshing, conditioned air is uncomfortable and potentially hazardous when the outside temperature soars over 100 degrees. On average August is the warmest month in Newbury Park, CA and our busiest month for sales and service visits.

When our NATE-certified technicians arrive at your house or place of business you can rest easy they will resolve your air conditioning problem quickly. Whether it’s a dirty filter, coolant leak, clogged drain line, blown fuse, or anything else, call Newbury Park’s top choice for a HVAC contractor for excellent, on-time service today.  

Air Comfort Products and Services in Newbury Park, CA

West Coast Air Conditioning has over 30 years of experience in heating and cooling system sales, repairs, installation and maintenance in Newbury Park, CA. Our service teams are highly knowledgeable and certified to inspect and solve your residential and commercial indoor air comfort problems.

Whether you own a Carrier, Lennox, Trane or York system, we have an energy-efficient solution to suit your needs and budget.

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Latest Local Customer Reviews from Newbury Park, CA

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • 5 / 5
    This place is a great example of the excellent customer service that is so rare today. Without going into details of a long story, they went out of their way to get me back into a working air conditioner,and I am grateful to them for that. Ben was my contact and Nick, the retired veteran, my technician, and both were awesome. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and knew right where to go to fix the problem. I am always worried about companies trying to get me to take a more expensive route and there was none of that here. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a veteran. You can ask for more than that. Thank you for getting my air conditioner back on track and giving me a good night sleep again in this hot weather.
  • 5 / 5
    I bought my house in Newbury Park five years ago. Recently, the heater that had been here since the house was built in 1980 gave out. And, even though I remain as broke as ever, I knew I had to replace it. I also knew that since I was already...ady spending money I didn't have, I might as well go whole hog and get AC, as well. (Truth be told, after five summers out here, I knew we really needed it.) A few days later, when the HVAC salesperson at the Costco caught my eye, I let her make her pitch and made an appointment. While driving home, I realized that even though this was through the great and good Costco, I still owed it to myself to get some other estimates. I made three other appointments with reputable people prior to my newly scheduled appointment. Two of those guys stood out - Kevin, from Conejo Valley, and Ben, from West Coast Air. Both of these guys did thorough inspections of my house and my needs. Before he left, Ben told me, "don't be surprised or nervous when our bid is a lot lower than the others". That stuck with me, especially as it proved to be so true. Ben's bid beat each of his competitors and not by a little. His competitors were all quick to point out that I needed to make sure that I was comparing apples to apples in terms of what was in each of the bids. Ben's bid had everything the others did and, in some cases, more than what they were offering. And still, he beat all of them including the Costco vendor and their 15% cash back card from the store. Then things got better. Ben's crew, headed by a really knowledgeable man named Nate, arrived right as scheduled and got right to work. Soon after they arrived, something really wonderful happened. I walked out into the garage to just sort of check on things and this is what I saw: each of these guys was at his job, working independently, doing his part. That sounds simple and obvious and maybe it is, but let me tell you what it also is - gratifying. These guys knew their work and went about it happily and skillfully. Within hours my garage looked remarkably better. Ratty, spray-painted fiberglass covered ductwork that ran in sixty-three different directions was gone, replaced by streamlined ductwork that was covered in highly efficient bubble wrap insulation. A brand new heater sat at the ready. A beautiful AC unit waited outside the garage. The work, which I was told would take two days, took two days. But, it's better than that. Nate discovered a vent that he thought was in a bad location as it was right in front of a door. He removed it and installed a new vent in a much more advantageous location - no upcharge. He saw an outdoor vent, un-related to his work (it was from our kitchen) and added to it a missing screen. He further discovered that our old heater's exhaust was mangled and that the exhaust from our water heater was not properly tied in. He repaired both - no upcharge. He and his guys upgraded our return system and the base upon which the whole heater sits, even re-cladding the base itself in sheet metal (as they found it, it was sheetrock that had been bumped into by our cars and was chipped and shattered) making the base look neat and clean. They gave us a better thermostat than was stipulated in the contract. And then things got really good. When everything was put in place, there was a problem. A factory part was defective on the AC unit. Nate worked the problem for several hours before finding the errant piece and replacing it immediately. And still, there was a problem. It seems our old return in the house was insufficient for the needs of the new system. With all the work done, Nate found out he had to do more, and not a little bit. The return showed itself to be much more voluminous than it really was and there was no way to expand it. So, Nate did the absolutely right thing and re-located the return, adding several feet of ducting and several hours of work to make it right. I don't think I need to say how tremendously gratifying that was. West Coast Air and their people - Ben, Nate, Dean, Art, Alec, and Guillermo were truly extraordinary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.