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The Best Time To Replace Your HVAC System

Air conditioning units outside an apartment complex

Are you wondering if you should replace your HVAC system but not sure when? Although it may seem like a hassle, replacing your HVAC system is inevitable over time. Whether your unit is old, damaged, or not serving you correctly, starting fresh with a new unit is sometimes your only option.


During the summer and winter, replacing your HVAC may translate to high replacement costs, higher inconvenience, and slower turnaround times. These are all things no homeowner wants to hear. Therefore, replacing your HVAC systems during the off-season may save you money!

The off-season stretches between late September to mid-November and again from early March to mid-May. The time you have to replace your HVAC system might vary. For example, our homeowners on the west coast enjoy prolonged falls, which gives them more time for a replacement, unlike other states.

Why Should I Replace My System Off-Season?

Most contractors and technicians are busy replacing, maintaining, and installing HVAC units during the summer and winter due to the units overworking in extreme temperatures to meet our needs. When a unit breaks down, there’s more of an emergency to get it repaired as soon as possible. The wait time for installing a new system will take longer due to the heavy workload and services. In addition, the prices of HVAC systems during these seasons usually skyrocket.

Shopping during the fall and spring may save you money on installation and product costs and have your home ready just in time for winter! Also, during these seasons, the weather is excellent for outdoor events and hangouts, which means using your HVAC appliances less. During this time, most HVAC contractors are more willing to decrease the prices of installation costs!

At Your Service

When choosing a company to handle your commercial HVAC installation in Ventura County, extensive experience and an excellent reputation are essential. At West Coast Air Conditioning, we have both. Our large staff serves thousands of satisfied business owners in Santa Barbara County & Ojai! Contact us at (805) 954-9195 for more information on how we can help you!

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