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Signs Your Air Filter Needs to be Changed

A close up shot of a dirty HVAC air filter

3 Signs that Indicate You Should Change Your Air Filter

When you’re the owner of a central air conditioning system, you know that your home will be as comfortable as it can be on the hottest of Southern California days. However, one small detail plays a rather important role that can cease that from happening — cue a dirty air filter.

Unfortunately, many homeowners will forgo changing their filter (or cleaning it if it’s reusable), which can put a strain on your central cooling system, hindering its performance. If you’re not too sure about the signs that indicate you should change your filter, here’s what to look out for.

1. Dirty Vents

Granted, while an uptick in the airborne particulate matter around your home’s air vents doesn’t necessarily mean your filter is dirty, it is a place to check. Often, a higher count of allergens around your air vents can mean a clogged air duct is present. However, if you’ve had your air ducts cleaned or inspected for clogs or leakage, there is a strong possibility that your air filter is overdue for a replacement.

2. Reduced Airflow

Regardless of how long your air conditioner has been on, if you feel as if some rooms are colder than others (or not cold at all), that could spell trouble. When it comes to your central cooling system, the air filter must be clean to help air freely circulate throughout your home.

Unfortunately, if your air filter is caked in dirt and debris, the dirty filter will make it much more difficult for your air conditioner to “breathe” and produce the cold air you’re looking for. And when this happens, your central cooling system will work twice as hard to make up for lost time — which can result in higher energy bills, part breakage and can even shorten the lifespan of your system.

3. Uptick in Indoor Allergies

Do you feel as if you’re sneezing much more often indoors than you are outdoors? Sadly, there’s a chance your air filter could be the root of the problem. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) studies show that an old air filter can cause a rise in indoor allergies — since anything that’s harbored in the filter will circulate through your home’s ducts.

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