Expert Air Conditioning Service in Sherman Oaks, CA

At West Coast Air Conditioning, our qualified experts can assist you shop for a replacement system or repair a broken unit so its back up and running. Your indoor air comfort at home or work is out top priority.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Is it time to replace your air conditioner? Want to upgrade to something more energy efficient? When an air conditioner goes, it waits for no one. Neither should you. At West Coast Air Conditioning we’ll take care of installing a new cooling system in your Sherman Oaks home or business.

We’ll make the replacement process as smooth as possible because trying to go at it alone can be overwhelming. While we encourage you to do your own research, we don’t want to see you get bogged down in too much fine detail. Ever hear the phrase ‘paralysis by analysis’? Don’t let that happen to you. Our AC professionals know the most important questions to ask in order to recommend the best unit replacement for your unique residential or commercial needs and budget.

Air Conditioning Repair

Just because you think your broken AC is hopeless doesn’t mean that it can’t be repaired. Our NATE certified repair technicians can repair just about any system regardless of its age. Only on very rare occasions when a replacement part is unavailable are we unsure.

When getting a repair estimate, be wary of the AC contractor who says the only option is to replace it. Give us a call for a second opinion. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of ‘repair versus replacement’ so you can make a more informed decision.

Inefficient and old air conditioners break down all the time in Sherman Oaks. If you’re one of those unlucky homeowners or business owners, don’t fret because there’s a qualified, dependable and honest  air conditioning company minutes away. Call West Coast Air Conditioning at (805) 485-1410 to give you a hand.

Below are some of the AC brands commonly found in Sherman Oaks households and businesses. If your brand is not listed below, still contact us for assistance.






Data Aire





American Standard