In an era of rising energy costs… efficiency is more important than ever!

Our energy management division engineers systems that are tailored to meet your specific needs for employee comfort, efficient equipment operation and lighting.

Energy consumption is minimized through precise temperature and equipment control. A plant manager can access, configure and control all system elements for one location or multiple locations from a PC located on-site or at a remote facility. Quick notification of alarm conditions are provided.

Set points for each tenant can be determined and utilized based on preference and occupancy periods. Unoccupied programming minimizes energy use during vacancy periods, and after-hours use is never a problem. Specialized reports are generated to assist in analyzing usage and billing of tenants.

When the many variables affecting a building’s operating efficiency, comfort and profitability are considered, a single all-encompassing management tool is a clear choice. This tool is powerful enough to attend to several building systems, including heating and cooling, lighting and energy management. Yet, the system is simple enough to be operated and understood by key personnel in your operation.

Advanced technology in the field… Sophisticated yet simple.

Variable Speed Drives: Another area of energy management which can provide considerable energy savings is the conversion from fixed speed drives to adjustable frequency fan drives on your HVAC systems. Adjustable frequency fan drives conserve energy by slowing the speed of the fan and water pumps whenever full speed is not required.

Following is a list of some of the operational benefits:

  • Energy savings of 55 to 60 percent
  • Air flow matches system demand
  • Water flow matches system demand
  • Fan noise drastically reduced
  • Reheating requirements reduced
  • Low installation cost, no mechanical fabrication
  • Investment payback within one to two years
  • Factory service for Graham Drives

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