Commercial HVAC Sales


West Coast Air Conditioning provides expert design, planning and installation of the perfect Commercial HVAC equipment and systems that provide you with the greatest overall benefits.

Benefits of Proper Commercial HVAC Design

HVAC systems often account for more than 50% of the energy used in commercial buildings. This mandates strong HVAC design principles to provide maximum comfort, ease of use, lower maintenance, better air quality, proper ventilation and lower overall energy costs.

At West Coast Air Conditioning focuses on delivering these benefits for your Commercial HVAC equipment and systems.

About Our Commercial HVAC Experience

We have been in business since 1984. Since that time we have installed 100’s of commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems and other related HVAC systems. Additionally, we have a very large staff of service technicians providing service to 1000’s of commercial offices all over the area.

This experience provides our staff with keen insight regarding the quality of work, quality of equipment and the quality of proper HVAC system designs. This vast pool of experience is a very important benefit to you when you choose our company for your commercial HVAC system.